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G10 Sofa

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Designed in 1953 for Airborne, the G10 armchair plays with modularity. Its fixation system to the metal structure by screws and bolts allows the armrests to be replaced with moulded plywood elements or to be removed in order to combine several chairs into a bench seat or panoramic settee. In its re-edited version, the central foot has been removed for aesthetic and technical reasons. Please note that the seat has a slight slope, height 17''¼ (44 cm) in the upper part, 15'' (38 cm) in the lower part, which enhances an outstanding comfort. The use of elastic webbing in the back provides a perfect seating position. STRUCTURE Back composed of plywood panels clad with polyurethane foam and 110 g/m² polyester quilting. Mechanically-soldered base in Epoxy black lacquer finish. Armrests in moulded beech plywood with stained ash veneer. COMFORT Suspension of seat via elastic webbing. The seat and back are made of high resilience polyurethane Bultex foam (38 kg/m3 - 3,6 kPa and 38 kg/m3 - 2,8 kPa). 110 g/m² polyester quilting.

Dimension & weight

Height 30 mm

Width 54 mm

Depth 33 mm

Seat height 17 mm

Seat 2 places

Weight 29.7 kg


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