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Prado Sofa depth 47¼" complete element

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Typically the design process surrounding a new sofa is heavily focused on aesthetic research. Prado represents a departure from this school of thought completely. Prado has first and foremost been designed based on the study of lifestyles and human nature. We find the same inspirations in Prado that brought us Smala in the earlier part of this century. Prado consists of a vast bench seat (available in two sizes: 100*200 cm; 39 3/8'' x 78 3/4'' and 120*240 cm; 47 1/4'' x 94 1/2'') that can be combined and adjusted as desired and onto which back cushions may be placed at will, so that one can sit or lie down as they wish. It offers complete freedom as these cushions, weighted and equipped with a non-slip system, do not need to be rested against or attached to any object for support. They could, therefore, be arranged on the floor for a few leisurely moments around a low table, while the seat (cushion) could double as an occasional bed simply with a flip of its seat cushion to expose a side covered with mattress ticking. Collection includes and optional fitted sheet when using this option. CONSTRUCTION & COMFORT Structure in panels of chipboard, webbed and clad in foam 50 kg/m³ and 110 g/m² quilting; seat cushion in polyurethane foam 36 kg/m³ and 110 g/m² quilting. Back cushion made of injected foam 60 kg/m³ molded onto a metal insert, equipped with elastic webbing and with a compartmented goose feather-filled comfort layer (10 % down / 90 % feathers) with 110 g/m² quilting. Anti-slip system. Lumbar cushion filled with new goose feathers (10 % down / 90 % feathers). Optional armrest cushion in polyurethane foam 35 kg/m³ and 200 g/m² quilting. The reverse of the seat cushion is covered in mattress ticking: simply turn the cushion and use the optional 100 % white cotton fitted sheet to create a comfortable sleep area (width 39 1/4'' -100 or 47 1/4'' -120 cm). The Oda pedestal table (designed to slide above the seat cushion thanks to their cantilevered tops) is designed as the perfect complement to this settee, making it possible to create corner compositions, for example, or to add occasional tables on which one can place one's personal effects.

Dimension & weight

Height 34 mm

Width 94 mm

Depth 47 mm

Seat height 16 mm

Seat 3 places

Weight 98 kg


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