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It was while working on a concept for a hotel in Marrakech that the designer had the idea for this model, inspired by the traditional Moroccan footstool. The hotel was not completed, but we were captivated by the oriental charm of this piece, filled with ''zenitude'', comfort and wellbeing. Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, through his work with quilting and color, brought the creative 'added value' which has rooted this model in modernity. CONSTRUCTION Base and external section in polyether foam 28 kg/m³ - 4.8 kPa. Armchairs are available in fixed or rotating versions (with base in 0'' 1/4 thick steel, finished in Epoxy black lacquer). COMFORT Enveloping ''bucket seat'' and back in molded polyurethane foam 35 kg/m³ - 3.2 kPa, with comfort layer in high resilience polyurethane Bultex foam 38 kg/m³ - 3.6 kPa. MAKING-UP Cover is removable (by a professional) and is held in place by lacings at the junction of the seat and back, and by velcro strips on the underside. Cover quilted with polyether foam on the seat/back section, and with 100g/m² polyester quilting on the vertical exterior. Important : the swivelling armchair does not have removable covers.

Dimension & weight

Height 26 mm

Width 65 mm

Depth 36 mm

Seat height 14 mm

Seat 2 seats


Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

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