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Ettoriano Dining chair anthracite metal base

1 Dimensions


Available both as a chair and as a bridge, Ettoriano offers a contemporary solution which is both discreet and comfortable. The convinced minimalism of the Ettoriano chair allies the finesse of its steel base with an all-enveloping one-piece molded shell. Made from felt, it is the warmth of this very current material which reinforces the feeling of comfort procured by the welcoming curves of the integral shell, designed as it is to hug the body. In the case of the bridge, the lines of the molded felt shell sketch out two flared armrests which offer excellent support to the forearms. CONSTRUCTION Base in sanded/textured anthracite lacquered steel. COMFORT Molded seat/back shell (+ armrests in the case of the bridge) made from 1/2'' - 12 mm thick grey PET obtained by pressing together 3 layers of 1/2'' - 10 mm thick felt (150 g/m²). PET felt is an ecological material which comes thanks to the recycling of plastic bottles.

Dimension & weight

Height 31 mm

Width 19 mm

Depth 21 mm

Seat height 18 mm

Seat 1 seats


Claudio Dondoli & Marco Pocci

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