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Manarola Sofa

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In 2016, Philippe Nigro set himself a new challenge : to reinvent the extreme comfort of the Ligne Roset all-foam seating of the Seventies. With Manarola, Philippe Nigro has designed a new type of seating which offers remarkable comfort and a very welcoming appearance. To achieve this, the whole seat seems like a single large cushion placed on a light yet assertive base. The metal frame which lends it shape is enveloped in foam and the upholstered part of the seat rests on the elegant solid wood buttresses supporting the back which make up the base. The armchair is also available on a circular steel base in a brilliant-polished stainless steel finish, which rotates 360°. To complement this there is a footstool with 4 steel legs, also in a brilliant-polished stainless steel finish. Then, thanks to the ultra-flexible new polyurethane foams, Philippe Nigro refines the initial welcoming feel and the feeling of softness which comes with use, making good use of the carefully-judged slopes of the backward-slanting seat, lumbar support and headrest, emphasised by horizontal bands of stitching. CONSTRUCTION Steel tubing, wire and mesh for both armchair and settees. Panels of 3-layer particleboard for the footstool. COMFORT Seat in high resilience polyurethane Bultex foam 36 kg/m3 - 2.8 kPa. Back in high resilience polyurethane Bultex foam 26 kg/m3 - 1.,4 kPa. Comfort layer on seat and back in ultra-flexible polyurethane foam 30 kg/m3 - 1.8 kPa. Footstool in high resilience polyurethane Bultex foam 38 kg/m3 - 3.6 kPa. MAKING-UP Cover quilted with 110 g/m² polyester. Twin needle stitch detailing on cover. Creases will form on the seat and back in the case of less stretchy covering materials such as velours (Cloud) : these are part and parcel of the look of the model and are a visual expression of soft, welcoming comfort. This effect may be minimised by selecting more stretchy covering materials such as jerseys or certain wools (e.g. Divina). Cover may be removed by an upholsterer. COVERING MATERIALS Wide choice of covering materials.

Dimension & weight

Height 32 "

Width 82 "

Depth 40 "

Seat height 14 "

Seat 3 places

Weight 194.007 lb

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