Grand angle Large settee with broad armrest without lumbar cushion

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A deep, multifaceted, international settee, the comfort of which is very apparent thanks to its articulated headrest and ''stretch'' stitching; it was designed to become a great international ''classic''. The backrest uses an inverted chain system, which makes it possible to create a high headrest in vertical position, or a rolled-up one in combination with a lumbar cushion, or a less deep position. Note the magnificent stitching used to create an elastic mesh which enables an irreproachable look to be maintained whatever the position of the backrest and seat. This ''sunburst pleat'' holds the material tightly in place, enabling the back to roll up perfectly. Marie-Christine Dorner sought to create an adaptive seat depth, whilst retaining consistency of appearance. The broad armrest is also designed to be sat on. The feather-filled lumbar cushions are dense, for a perfect fit. CONSTRUCTION Structure of seat: webbed metal frame. Structure of backrest : panels 3-layer plywood with articulated headrest. Armrest composed of panels of plywood. COMFORT Seat composed of high resilience polyurethane Bultex foam (36 kg/m3 – 2.8 kPa) and ultra-flexible foam (45 kg/m3 – 1.8 kPa) with comfort layer of feathers (goose feathers, of which 15% down). Backrest composed of high resilience polyurethane Bultex foam (26 kg/m3 – 1.4 kPa) clad in ultra-flexible foam (45 kg/m3 – 1.8 kPa). Feather-filled back (lumbar) cushion (goose feathers, of which 15% down). MAKING-UP Backrest quilted with stretch fabric to retain pleating on rear of backrest. Cover quilted with 110 g/m² polyester.

Dimensions and weight

Height 715 mm

Width 2700 mm

Depth 1000 mm

Seat height 420 mm

Seat 3 seats


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