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Image Carver chair 1
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9 Materials

Image Carver chair 1


The Valmy bridge was initially designed for a pared-down, relaxing, comfortable hotel bedroom. We would imagine it as the hyphen between the sobriety required by our time and the elegance which has no use for passing fashion. Very quickly its shape and purpose emerged as if they were sheer simplicity, rendering this bridge perfectly suited to all types of contexts, colours and materials. CONSTRUCTION: Structure in steel wire clad in injected foam. Base in bent solid beech, either anthracite-stained or finished with a natural varnish; or in black lacquered metal. Structure of seat in panels of plywood. COMFORT: The back and armrests are composed of injected polyurethane foam (35 kg/m3 – 3.2 kPa), with the exterior clad in 110 g/m² polyester quilting. The seat is composed of high resilience polyurethane Bultex foam (42 kg/m3 – 4.8 kPa and 38 kg/m3 – 2.8 kPa) clad in 110 g/m² polyester quilting. MAKING-UP: Interior of back cover quilted with polyether foam (21 kg/m3 – 3.1 kPa), with the motif created by an automated sewing robot. 5 mm baguette stitch detailing on seat. Covers may be removed by a professional.

Dimension & weight

Height 810 mm

Width 610 mm

Depth 600 mm

Seat height 480 mm