Advice to follow for looking after your furniture:

1. Make the right arrangements.

It takes 2 to 3 weeks for furniture weight to distribute evenly: door adjustments may be required.

2. Adjusting the doors.

Hinges are adjustable in depth, width and height so as to evenly distribute pressure between the doors and the structures.

3. Preserving the luster of lacquer and varnish.

Maintenance involves only regular dusting and wiping with a soft cloth dampened slightly with soapy water or a diluted glass cleaning product. If there is a stain, act as soon as possible in order to avoid any permanent surface damage.

4. Preserving furniture colours.

In spite of the highly durable additives in the Ligne Roset varnishes, colours may change with exposure to light. Thus, it is recommended not to expose furniture to direct sunlight or moonlight.

5. Maintaining aluminium and glass parts.

In order to remove fingerprints and smudges, it is highly recommended to use only low alcohol content and non-abrasive liquid products, such as Ajax glass cleaner.

6. Avoid scratches.

In order to preserve the beauty of the furniture, we strongly recommend not scrubbing with hard materials.

7. Transporting and handling furniture according to the rules.

For furniture transportation, we recommend it be disassembled, piece by piece, and not dragged along the floor or lifted by use of a mechanism.

Any doubts?
For maintenance, consult your Ligne Roset distributor. For cleaning and stain removal, ask a specialist cleaner. For all additional information, contact Ligne Roset Customer Service - B.P. 9 01470 BRIORD