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These two tufted woollen rugs were designed by their creator with nature in mind and more precisely, the changing seasons. ''Natsu'' embodies spring foliage, with a chromatic palette inspired by a panorama of lakes, firs and still partially snow-capped summits. As for ''Aki'', its dominant reddish-orange hues make us immediately think of layer upon layer of freshly-fallen autumn leaves. In both cases, very particular attention has been paid to the veins of those leaves, so that they can leave their imprint on our interiors. AKI - Tufted woollen rug 86 1/2'' x 106 1/4'' (220 cm x 270 cm) – single colorway (rouge marron). NATSU - Tufted woollen rug 90 1/2'' x 102 1/4'' (230 cm x 260 cm) – single colorway (vert bleu).

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