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Bendchair Dining chair metal base

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''A chair of perfect proportions.'' This is how Peter Maly, one of the greatest German designers of his time, defines his product. ''A little like the tuner designed by Dieter Rams for Braun.'' The chair is so perfect one has the impression that it has always existed. It is a score of perfectly harmonious chords, which chimes perfectly with a very broad register of furniture, tables, and sideboards. Its proportions are irreproachable, as is the quality of its finish. CONSTRUCTION Shell in molded beech multi-ply. Base in stained beech (turned legs), or in metal wire Ø 11 mm. COMFORT High resilience foam (50 kg/m3 - 6.2 kPa) clad in 110 g/m2 polyester quilting. MAKING-UP Baguette stitching across seat shell; invisible zip in back. Removable cover.

Dimension & weight

Height 19''

Length 32''

Thickness 19''

Diameter 20''

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