STRUCTURES: the Ethan range of bedroom storage is constructed around single bays of width 1T/W 21Œ''/54 cm and double-width bays of width 2T/L 44''/112 cm; With an overall depth of D 23œ''/60 cm, there is a choice of 3 panel heights: H 92œ''/235 cm, H 102Œ''/260 cm and a version offering a cut in height (lacquered doors only) between H 102Œ''/260 cm and H 92œ''/235 cm. Choice of 2 finishes for exteriors (side panels and doors): satin white or perle lacquer. Interiors are in perle lacquer.
DOORS: doors boast a vertical handle H 37Ÿ''/96 cm in 0œ'' x 0œ''/15 x 15 mm square section anodized aluminum in a brushed smoked finish. This is located in the lower section of the door, either to the left or the right, and has a lateral hand-hold towards the top. Choice of hinged single doors (left or right, in width 1T/W 22Ÿ''/58 cm) or 2T double doors, in the 3 height choices mentioned above (H 235, H 260 or with an optional cut in height between H 260 and H 235 (white or perle lacquered doors only). A cut-to-measure end filler panel with a useful bay of cut-to-measure shelving (between W 21Œ''/54 cm and W 10œ''/27cm) and a flat-fronted push-catch hinged door are available for widthway adjustments. Doors are offered in a choice of 52 finishes, with 49 doors in Steelcut fabric (choice of colors) with brushed smoked effect anodized aluminum frames, 1 door in toughened gray smoked glass with a brushed smoked effect anodized aluminum frame, and 2 doors in satin white or perle lacquered MDF. The 3 types of doors may be mixed within a single composition, and one can even specify 1 lacquered and 1 fabric-covered door in a 2 T double bay. Behind the gray smoked glass doors, the back panel of a 1T or 2T unit may be given an optional covering of Steelcut fabric. Smoked glass doors (translucent but colored) are mounted onto the structure using special new hinges set into the top and bottom of the unit. Doors are available in 1T or 2T widths and are equipped with a controlled closing system.
INTERIOR FITTINGS: the traditional panel-based interior fittings are:
- 1T single or 2T double shelf and 1T or 2T shelf with hanging rail. Rectangular-section hanging rails are finished in canon de fusil (gunmetal) lacquer, and their tops have a protective covering to avoid them being marked by hangers. The supports for the 1T rail are located at its extremities, while the 2T rail has an extra support in the center.
- 1T or 2T block of drawers with a larger one at the bottom (brushed smoked effect aluminum handholds).
- The 1T or 2T hanging rail may also be located at the top of a bay, beneath the top, which enables the bay to be divided into two identical hanging spaces for longer clothes.
- Packs of 5 hangers, either plain or stemmed (for high access), in light walnut-effect solid beech, wider at the shoulders to accommodate suits.
- Bays are lit with an LED strip set into the front of an intermediate panel: these may be to the right or the left but never on a side panel. A deflector prevents glare. A movement sensor detects the opening of the doors and cuts out the lighting 20 seconds after closing. For bays which are equipped with shelves or hanging rails, there are LED's along the full height of the strip; for bays in which a 3-drawer chest is specified, there are LED's along the upper half of the strip only, that is, above the drawers. Other refined accessories include: - 1 storage chest with lid strap, covered in anthracite leather-effect fabric and lined in gray flock - 1 multi-use chest covered in anthracite leather-look fabric and lined in gray flock - 1 storage chest with dividers covered in anthracite leather-effect fabric with dividers covered in light gray leather-effect fabric - 1 jewelry chest with structure in smoked oak veneer and interior covered in anthracite leather-effect fabric with 2 smooth-based sections and a central ridged section for rings.

Design by

 Ligne Roset
  • H 93" x W 137" x D 25"
Price range
  • $ 11,155.00

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