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Vases & Bowls

Tikal Vase

Vase in matt white moulded porcelain, with biscuit porcelain on the exterior and clear enamel on the interior.

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This vase with geometric shapes is reminiscent of the bell of wind instruments. Its design is the result of the transformation of a rectangle on its base into a circle at the top. This wide opening makes the filling of the water and unfolding of the flowers in the vase much easier. Perfect for a round bouquet ! Two cylinders come on the sides to accompany the shape of the vase and serve as handles. This geometric set then takes the appearance of a small scuplture and can even remind us of a kind of fetish or totem. The name Tikal refers to the Maya city. Tikal is the greatest archeological site of the pre-Columbian Maya civilisation.

Dimensions and weight

Height 300 mm

Diameter 180 mm

Weight 2.2 kg


Atelier BL 119- Blain & Dixneuf