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Soudure Set of 2 dishes brushed aluminium

Set of 2 dishes (1 small + 1 large) in brushed aluminium. The dimensions indicated above are the ones for the large dish (Ø 25 cm – H 3.5 cm). The dimensions for the small dish are: Ø 12.5 cm – H 2.5 cm.

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Soudure is inspired by Kintsugi art. A Japanese method of repairing broken pottery using a visible binder to recreate unique artefacts. The aluminium dishes have a soldered motif which gives the appearance of interconnected pieces. Being handmade, each pattern has a unique character. During the manufacturing process, weld patterns are usually polished away. But here, they are celebrated and become ornamental and functional. The weld pattern remains visible to highlight the manufacturing process of recycling metal scrap. The two sizes can be used together or independently, stacked or side by side or as a trinket etc…

Dimensions and weight

Height 35 mm

Diameter 250 mm


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