Clam Bed settee with 2 arms

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Clam is a bed-settee with an easy-to operate system which enables it to offer just as much comfort as a settee as it does as a bed. Its meticulous finish and apparent lightness enable it to be viewed from all sides and to offer a soothing cocoon in settee position and a generous sleep area when used as a bed. When located in the centre of a room, it becomes an island of relaxation for reading or resting. CONSTRUCTION Two mechanically-soldered frames linked by 3 sets of articulated ratchets. Armrests with structures in soldered tubing clad in injected foam. Armrests and structure clad in 100g/m² polyester quilting. Metal structure of base finishes in Epoxy black lacquer and clad in stained solid wood. COMFORT The seat and back are identically composed of high resilience polyurethane Bultex foam (38 kg/m3 - 3.6 kPa) and (36 kg/m3 - 2.8 kPa). Clad in 100g/m² polyester quilting. Parallel sleep platform 136 x 190, with optional mattress protector. Optional: 2 cushions filled with polyester fibres. MAKING-UP Twin-needle stitching on structure, armrests and mattress. Baguette stitch detailing on the 45 x 45 and 58 x 32 cushions. Covers may be removed by a professional.

Dimensions and weight

Height 890 mm

Width 2420 mm

Depth 1050 mm

Seat height 400 mm

Seat 3 seats


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