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Kujoyama Shelving unit


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Image Shelving unit 1


It was during the 2020 Spring lockdown that Benjamin Graindroge resumed his project initiated at the villa Kujoyama a few years earlier. The tranquility of this French artistic establishment based in Mount Higashi in Kyoto provides all the ingredients to encourage creation with a link to Japan. From the first discovery of the Kujoyama bookcase, we find immediately this reassuring feeling of a controlled calm thanks to the severity of subtly dosed proportions between the different elements that compose it. MDF panelling in dark walnut veneer and black grooves / shelves and sides in black stained ash with lips in solid wood. Natural ash veneer MDF panelling and black grooves / shelves and sides in natural ash with lips in solid wood.

Dimensions and weight

Height 1,825 mm

Width 2,250 mm

Depth 451 mm