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Image Shelving unit - h 170 1


MAX RECOMMENDED LOAD PER SHELF : 25 KG. BOOKSHELF MUST BE FIRMLY FIXED TO A WALL TO PREVENT IT TIPPING FORWARDS. Ligne Roset now brings us the steel wire shelving which Pierre Paulin designed in 1972. Minimalist, it marries the lacquer of its steel wire structure with the multi-ply used for its shelves. It is constructed around modules of W 70 cm which may be multiplied as desired. It is possible, for example, to create a 2 module shelving unit W 140 cm by juxtaposing two modules W 70 cm held together by 2 nylon linking-pieces each bearing Pierre Paulin's stamp. Each shelf has notches cut into it, into which the vertical uprights of the structure are inserted: this elegant method of assembly reinforces the stability of the overall piece. The shelves rest on little steel wire hoops soldered onto the uprights. Structure in lacquered steel wire Ø 10 mm. Each module W 70 cm sits on 4 adjustable jack feet. The 3 module shelving unit comprises 3 modules W 70 cm, held together by linking-pieces and shelves W 210 cm. Shelves in 8 mm thick birch multi-ply finished in laminate with the wood edges visible. Internal dimensions of each 'chest': H 38 W 33.3 D 33.

Dimensions and weight

Height 1,700 mm


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