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Et cetera is a vertically-constructed programme (assemblies of side panels, shelves, back panels and fronts). Basically a range of shelving, it is further enriched by the additional functions of an occasional unit: storage (opaque or glass doors, shelves, drawers), audiovisual equipment and lighting. The name Et cetera evokes its dimensional possibilities: one can always add to its height (the highest standard side panel is 2676 mm) with the possibility of tailoring it perfectly to your particular space (cut down). Et cetera's elegance stems from rigorous aesthetic choices, as much in terms of its volumes as its finishes: - Readability of compositions facilitated by the subtle use of a network of single modules of 175 mm. - Lightness of the overall structure thanks to the chosen thickness of 30 mm for side panels and shelves, the perfect compromise between the necessary reassuring thickness and the desired visual lightness. - Single overall depth of 382 mm. Made possible by the reduction in depth of audiovisual equipment, this makes it possible to create items which fit more easily into the required space since they are shallower and 'flat' in terms of surface. - Slimness of the grooved hinged doors (also the flap doors): their minimal thickness (around 6 mm) overlaps the edges of the structure. Their elegant minimalism is reinforced by their handle-free, 'push to open' operation. - Originality of the storage surfaces for open niches: offered in a range of widths, their at once playful and functional appearance creates an interesting graphic emphasis with a play on linear repetition. - Lightness accentuated by the choice of finishes: the structure of Et cetera is always in satin lacquer (white or argile). Fronts are either lacquered or enriched with veneer, the chosen species of which, sawn-effect oak, is offered in natural, anthracite or black. A special shelving unit is also available which, being double-sided (unlike the rest of the items in the range, which are all single-sided), may be used as a room divider. This shelving unit is available in size 10M 12T (centre to centre distance H 1750 W 2100; actual dimensions H 1800 W 2130) and offers 5 levels of storage with either U-shaped lacquered niches or blocks of chests finished in smooth oak veneer. In the case of the sideboard, the structures and fronts are priced separately to make it possible to mix all the finishes on offer. That said, the following combinations are recommended: interior of structure in white lacquer/fronts in natural sawn oak or interior of structure in argile lacquer with black lacquered top/fronts in anthracite-stained sawn oak. As a complement to the existing lacquer finishes (white, argile, elephant), certain elements of this range are also available in the following 13 lacquer colours: rouge, brique, bleu, plomb, azur, bleu lavande, chocolat, moutarde, mastic, ranger, noir, perle, bleu nuit.


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