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The UGAO corner hanging storage constitutes a radical new approach to the clothes stand. It is installed in the corner of a room, an often-under-used space which presents great storage potential. This corner storage creates a new type of coat stand, making it as much an object as anything else. Since it has an intriguing, unexpected appearance, even when not in use, it becomes a real installation – sculpture which dresses the space, beyond its basic function. The warmth of the walnut used for the horizontal clothes bar is emphasised by the black lacquer of the tubular steel structure with its minimal, sculptural geometry. Corner hanging in satin black lacquered tubular steel (Ø 18 mm) with hanging bar in natural satin varnished solid American walnut. Fixed in a corner with the aid of 4 screws.

Dimensions and weight

Height 1,170 mm

Width 850 mm

Depth 465 mm

Weight 4.6 kg


Simon Morasi Piperčić