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Oxy drops Wall decoration large



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Today, ‘high-end decoration’ fuses design with arts and crafts in a straightforward, uncomplicated way. This timeless luxury has now become furiously trendy. The quest for the exceptional, for that rare piece, responds to a growing need for customization in people’s homes. The OXY DROPS panels respond perfectly to this new requirement: the oxidisation process produces a fascinating aesthetic effect on each disc. Corrosion provokes original physico-chemical reactions which are different each time, rendering each item a unique piece. The metal acquires a particular texture and ochre tones, producing a random artistic motif. Available in diameter 60 cm or 80 cm, with linear or embossed motifs, these are objects of singular charm and high decorative value. Attached to the wall via an MDF bracket.

Dimensions and weight

Thickness 14 mm

Diameter 800 mm

Weight 9.8 kg