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Colombe Faber

Colombe Faber, born in 1998, is a French interior designer and designer who graduated from the Camondo school in 2022. Colombe began her career at the Académie Charpentier where she discovered illustration and continued her career at the prestigious Camondo school in Paris. In 2019, she moved to Buenos Aires as part of an academic exchange. Argentina will inspire her a lot and will offer her a first creative freedom far from European codes. During her Master's degree in Interior Architecture and Design, in 2021 she was invited to the Dubai World Expo 2020, as part of the "Art de Vivre à la Française" exhibition in the French Pavilion. She created a display where three brands were highlighted: Bernardaud, Christofle and Baccarat. Undoubtedly happy when she blossoms during her travels and eager to follow her adventure spirit, she makes the choice, after her graduation, to leave for Indonesia. Eight months later, she has made enriching new discoveries, at the crossroads of other cultures and know-how, more artisanal, closer to natural environments.