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Image Occasional table   1


The Chute Libre project is part of a desire to do with very little. This collection aims to promote scrap wood from standardised panels such as chipboard, medium, laminated, in order to bring a new perspective to these materials which are often neglected. The scraps are sorted and then assembled by accumulation of layers, alternating different types of wood in order to create homogeneity.The object then takes shape over the assemblies. Dictated by the variety of thicknesses, formats, species and finishes, a new solid wood then comes to life. A wood with organic shapes and a hybrid material, in dialogue between each other with sensuality. Between sculptural and ordinary objects, it is an element that can be freely interpreted as a playful and sensitive object. The occasional table is made up of an assembly of MDF scrap, particle board, plywood, different solid woods (beech, ash, oak, maple, sycamore), the face and back panels are in light wood veneer (oak or ash) and hollow inside to make it lighter. Each piece is unique and depends on the assembly of scrap. Therefore every piece will be different from one to another.

Dimension & weight

Height 400 mm

Width 440 mm

Depth 300 mm

Weight 17 kg