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Image Low table black stained ash  1
Image Low table black stained ash  2 Image Low table black stained ash  3

Occasional Tables & Sofa end tables

Decalage Low table black stained ash

Image Low table black stained ash  1


The totally new design springs from a rotational shift of the base and tops, moving the attention from the familiar to the unexpected. Here, it is the diagonal and not the right angle which directs the base of the Décalage low table: its basic use remains but the shape has changed and sends the gaze in a new direction. The moiré effect of the ridged glass enriches the perception of infinity, where everything appears to be sloping even though everything is straight. The 8 mm thick upper sheet of toughened glass is ridged with fine stripes ; the 6 mm thick lower glass is acid-frosted on its upper face (silky feel). The base is in black-stained solid ash, assembled at differing angles to achieve a purposeful, elegant shape. The juxtaposition of the two elements forms a unique pattern, the effect of which is further reinforced when viewed from above, amplifying the asymmetry.

Dimension & weight

Height 317 mm

Width 1,400 mm

Depth 600 mm

Weight 30 kg