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Modular Settees

Togo Composition

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A collection of all-foam cushion seating with no hard points. Its characteristic design will fit into both traditional and contemporary furnishing styles. CONSTRUCTION Entirely composed of 3 different densities of foam (polyether foam 21 kg/m3 – 3.2 kPa & 28 kg/m3 – 4.8 kPa; high resilience polyurethane foam 26 kg/m3 – 1.4 kPa). MAKING-UP Its oversized covers are generously quilted with polyester. Although the covers can theoretically be removed by a professional, we strongly recommend that this model be the object of a ‘dec/rec’ (recovery) service at our factory to guarantee a perfect fit. COMFORT Elasticity of foams reinforced by buttoned threads. Soft but supportive comfort. The corner seat is particularly enveloping. COVERING MATERIALS Plain or printed fabrics are acceptable. Canvas and leather are recommended. QUALITY Polyether foams of the highest quality. Generous use of polyester quilting.