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Living room units

Dita system Composition

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If it might be reminiscent of certain metal modular office systems, Dita draws a clear distinction with its lacquered panels which are made of wood rather than sheet metal and by its discreet streamlined uprights with their sophisticated finish. Each module is equipped with a handle matched to the uprights of the structure. The uprights are in 15 x 15 mm aluminium profiles in an anodised brushed bronze finish. These encase the wooden panels, the interiors of which are finished in argile lacquer, with a choice of 16 colours for the visible external faces : - standard : blanc satiné, argile, perle; - to order : bleu guède, chocolat, noir, brique, éléphant, moutarde, vert sauge, plomb, bleu nuit, brun acajou, corail, cuivre, gris platine. Dita System may be used as a room divider, in which case a double-sided back panel should be added behind the chests. Back panels of niches are always lacquered on both sides. Handles are in injected zamak, bronze lacquered to match the uprights. The feet H 30 mm further extend the uprights and have black jacks.