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Peter maly 2 Bed frame

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A new edition of the bed which has been a Ligne Roset best-seller for more than two decades, the Peter Maly bed is aimed squarely at those whose priorities for their bedroom are the comfort, originality and aesthetics of their bed - those whose preference is for a pared-down bedroom offering generous space for rest and relaxation. Equally, in a small loft or studio, the Maly bed could also be used as a convivial space for entertaining or relaxing. The Maly bed is constructed around the idea of a vast central platform which is both soft and supple (slatted base, mattress and bedding), surrounded by horizontal planes for a more tautly rigorous geometric effect. The pillow/headboard cushions slide freely around the bed frame, allowing for a multitude of positions since there is no fixed way for the bed to be used. CONSTRUCTION Structure in black anodised aluminium profiles. Side panels in 3-layer particleboard clad in polyurethane foam 50 kg/m³ - 6.3 kPa and polyester quilting 100 g/m². Cylindrical feet with matt black lacquered steel plate - choice of two heights: 10 cm or 16 cm. COMFORT The bed frame takes all kinds of slatted bases and mattresses (one steel crosspiece at the head, another at the foot). Removable pillow-cushions with metallic fixings may be located at any point around the bed. Structure of cushions in high density polyurethane Bultex foam 26 kg/m³ - 1.4 kPa with steel core and integral elastic-webbed suspension. MAKING-UP Covers of pillow-cushions are quilted with 300 g/m² polyester, with simple stitching; covers are removable and are held in place by zippers. Baguette stitching on side panels; covers are removable and are held in place by gripper strips. COVERING MATERIALS All covering materials (NB except technical impossibilities).

Dimension & weight

Height 810 mm

Width 2,040 mm

Depth 2,435 mm

Seat height 270 mm