Fergus Rug

3 Finishes


Fergus references the name Fergusson, which can be found in many areas of Scotland. The name Fergus in Gaelic means angry, audacious and proud. The Ferguson clan helped popularise tartan. Tartan is a woollen with a colourful squared motif typical amongst Celtic peoples. It is formed from a pattern of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical lines in a range of colours. Tartans were originally seen only on fabric, but are now used on many other materials. Scottish kilts are thus almost always made in a tartan-patterned fabric. Hand tufted rug in 100 % wool (tufted in certain areas / sculpted in others). The fringes are simply a continuation of the motif. There are no equivalent shades amongst the pompom rings. The length of the fringes is 8 cm, giving overall dimensions of 216 cm x 316 cm.

Dimension & weight

Depth 3000 mm

Thickness 2000 mm