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17 Materials


The magic of Facett will touch all those who desire purity, without compromising on the perfection of the design. Compare for example the minimalist simplicity of its monolithic form with the ultra-sophisticated work involved in its realisation - in particular the stitching, the complexity of which recalls the cutting and shaping of a precious stone, or even the complex folds of origami. STRUCTURE Mechanically-soldered steel. Invisible gliders in black polythene. COMFORT Integral seat in high resilience polyurethane Bultex foam 63kg/m3 - 7.8 kPa. Integral back cushion in Bultex foam 42kg/m3 - 4.8 kPa. MAKING-UP Cover quilted (in bands approx. 5cm wide) with polyether foam 21kg/m3 - 3.1 kPa. Quilting in simple stitching with detailing in twin-needle stitching. Fully removable covers held on by zips and velcro.

Dimension & weight

Height 810 mm

Width 460 mm

Depth 570 mm

Seat height 490 mm

Seat 1 place

Weight 10.5 kg