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Welfare of employees

Our production is almost entirely based in France—with our employees therefore under our direct management—which ensures we can maintain the highest levels of welfare for our staff.

Image Bien être des employés

Ligne Roset was one of the first companies in the region to create a day-care center for its employees. Today, its day nursery welcomes 35 children

Ongoing studies aim at improving the ergonomics of employee workstations

Ligne Roset has had a system of hoods installed on machines to eliminate noise pollution in order to ensure a more pleasant work environment

Some years ago we improved the wood dust extraction system in our factories, bringing the level of dust expelled into the atmosphere down to levels far below that of the limits imposed by European legislation. We continue to reduce the levels as we consider our employees' welfare of paramount importance

Unexpectedly, all the work is performed in environments that are almost silent.  Each worker performs their duties according to their responsibility and tidies their equipment. The company has been quite rigorous in implementing the "C.S.O." approach: Cleanliness, Sorting, and Order. All workshop employees are trained on the Japanese methodology "5S", the only exception made as a concession to the effectiveness of the Japanese collective organization, in a universe where all know-how is French. Ligne Roset produces a rich collection of contemporary furniture and decorative accessories conceived by both up-and-coming and established designers who concentrate their efforts on following evolving lifestyles, while rooted in French culture.