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"Since the 1970's, the leaders of the family business have been aware of environmental issues, and thus installed waste separation and recovery systems in every factory."

Images Recyclage

Ligne Roset's upholstery production yields roughly 712 tons (701 imperial tons) of waste each year. Approximately 56% of this waste is recycled. A rigorous process has been established to properly sort the different elements used during the production cycle. Foam, cartons, leathers, fabrics, wadding, polyethylene, paper... are all recycled. A similar process of recycling also exists in our office where paper is entirely recycled.

The production of cabinetry pieces yields approximately 640 tons (629 imperial ton) of waste each year, of which 92% is recycled. Around 78% of the waste is mainly wood scraps which are used to heat our cabinetry factory. Since 1998, our cabinetry factories have invested in green sustainable ways to heat our facilities. A silo coupled with a wood oven burn the wood scraps during the winter period to create heat which is dispersed throughout the facilities through a complex and innovative ventilation system.