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In the 1970's, when the ecological movement took off in France, the Roset Company was already practicing an environmental philosophy of simple good sense.

Image Philosophie

“For us, sustainable development begins with the pleasure we derive from working in such a remarkable location such as Briord, France. When one has the good fortune to grow and develop in an environment of such quality, one naturally wants to protect it,” says Pierre Roset, President of Ligne Roset. “As the Roset Company developed, we in fact generated less and less pollution due to our own vigilance, and by the demands we make on both our suppliers and ourselves.”

Our philosophy

Today, Mr. Roset is involved at the highest level of the European Commission in his capacity as representative of Union Nationale des Industriels Fabricants pour l'Ameublement (UNIFA). The French furniture industry is deeply committed to sustainable development and has achieved a number of impressive results, including the classification of particleboard panels.

“Far more than a strategy, we favor a philosophy imprinted with respect for human beings and their environment; whether it is in the training of our staff, our choice of suppliers, or the management of our waste products,” says Mr. Roset. “Our environmental practice is nurtured by the concepts which have always guided us: creativity, innovation and quality.”