Piazza offers a table top cut in an elegant and original elliptical shape with one straight side - thus enabling it to be pushed against a wall when not in use, a clever space-saving trick. Just pull it out from the wall to seat four persons around its 351/2'' x 263/4'' top. Base and stem in epoxy lacquered steel. Piston barrel in brilliant-chromed steel with operating lever. Top in 1/2'' thick clear tempered glass with polished edge or in stratified MDF laminate, matte, soft touch, Fénix NTM, accommodating up to 4 people. The height of the top is continuously adjustable from 293/4'' to 393/4'' (from dining table height to bar table height - for use with the Pam or Petrus bar stools).

Dimension & weight

Height 29 mm

Width 26 mm

Length 35 mm