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Multy offers three positions : sofa, chaise-longue and sofabed. Frame in multi-ply and panels of particleboard, with steel mechanism and birch slats. Seat in polyether foam (28kg/m³ - 3.0kPa), back in polyether foam (28kg/m³ - 3.0kPa). Lumbar cushions are supplied as follows: 2 x W23 1/2'' for small sofabed without arms, and 2 x W30 3/4'' for large sofabed without arms; 1 x W30 3/4'' for small sofabed with arms, and 2 x W23 1/2'' for large bed-settee with arms. Please take these details into consideration when ordering additional/subsequent lumbars. Arms (in polyether foam 28kg/m³ - 3.0kPa plus 200g/m² polyester quilting) may be located to the left or right, and pivot to allow the bed-settee to open. MULTY is easy to operate, and offers excellent comfort both as a bed (with polyether mattress size : 60 1/4'' x 76 1/4'' x 3'', 46 3/4'' x 76 1/4'' x 3'') and as a settee. When unfolded, its depth is 78 3/4'' for the sofabed W 61''. Mattress has an ecru-colored cover in 50% polyester/50% cotton (dry cleanable), which has been treated with ''HealthGuard'' (antibacterial & fungicidal). A foam sheet is supplied to place between the slats and the seat when folded. For instructions on use, please see the card which comes with the bed. MULTY has been specially designed for use as a bed on an everyday basis. Optional extras: lumbar cushions and arms.

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