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The low table is a construction marvel, boasting no less than 28 balusters which are wide at the bottom and narrow at the top: these are made from dark-stained solid American walnut and are finished in transparent varnish. Each one of these is invisibly fixed in a way which links it to the tops providing visual robustness. These solid wood elements are incorporated into the table by means of a horizontal strip beneath the top which runs from the end baluster and runs beneath it to the next one. The lower space is free of any partitioning with only the central square consolidating the whole and supporting the weight of the heavy marble top (67 kg): this brings the table’s overall weight to 121 kg, although it does not look as if it is that heavy. The central square is also finished in dark walnut veneer, with the lower top in contrasting chocolat lacquer. The low table is fitted with adjustable jacks that can lift it 20 mm from the ground.