THE CONCEPT: Marie-Aurore Stiker-Metral’s new double-deck low table presents a lower surface in sheet steel delicately perforated with small circles, the bronze lacquer finish of which confers just the right texture to contrast with the richness of the upper top in brilliant-polished marble. The two tops, made from cold, glossy materials (steel and marble), are warmed by their coloring (bronze lacquer for the steel and corsé or verde marble) and by the structure/base which holds them together, made from matte black-stained solid ash with a visible grain. Two-deck low table. Structure and beveled base in black-stained solid ash. Lower top in bronze lacquered sheet steel with round perforations and a solid border. Upper top in verde or corsé-colored marble, polished, and with honed edges.

Dimension & weight

Height 15 mm

Width 35 mm

Length 35 mm