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THE CONCEPT : Launched in 2009 and updated in 2016 and 2017 in terms of for both functionality enhancement and availability in additional finishes, Book&Look is again newly updated in 2019. These innovations include new push latch system for the doors, the addition of a niche in chests (living room items and sideboards), a new bookcase size, as well as a significant expansion of the choice of finishes. PRODUCTION QUALITY & FINISHES: NEW ‘PUSH’ DOOR OPENING SYSTEM: The current ‘push’ system has been replaced with a new ‘push’ latch also used in the Et Cetera collection: a box with a magnetized pin located on the chest and a galvanized plate set into the door. This system introduces a more reliable method of adjustment (by simply tightensing or loosensing the pin). The new ‘push’ latch works effortlessly: the door retains its central silicone pad, which offers gentle, quiet control when closing. The ‘push’ mechanism is light grey (for the white, argile or perle lacquer and ‘pack’ colour finishes) or black (for the plomb finish), to coordinate with standard colorways (and with the darker ‘pack’ colors). NICHES: To enliven the fronts of the living room pieces and sideboards, a decorative, functional arrangement for the niches has been added. These new niches may be located in chests designed to have 2, 3, 4 or 6 doors (all the possible combinations can be seen on the following price pages). The interior of the niche remains in the same color as that of the chest. Niches are composed of the 5 following elements : - Aluminum frame (.5” thick) at front of niche available in 16 lacquer colors - Back [Panel] of Niche is lacquered in the same finish as the chest - Optional Finished Back Panel can be added in the 16 lacquer colors - Recessed LED lighting (four 3mm LED strips) can be added to Finished Back Panel. This creates a halo effect in neutral white light (4000K). 20W transformer powers up to 2 illuminated back panels. - Shelf for Niche: Option 1 – 1/3” thick “crystal” glass. Option 2 – 1/8” aluminum shelf available in 16 lacquer colors. B5 SINGLE BOOKSHELF: this is 2/3 of the width of the C3 bookshelf. DEVELOPMENTS IN SELECTIONS: The collection is now available in an expanded offering of finishes. Chests & Podium: Available in 16 lacquer pack colors and Gloss White Lacquer. Standard finishes are Argile, White, Perle, Gloss White with a new addition of Plomb. Doors for Chest: New Walnut Veneer in Vertical Grain Bookcase: Select Bookcases are available in 16 lacquer pack colors, Gloss White Lacquer and Walnut veneer.


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