Moël Armchair low back

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With the exception of the thermoformed back interior, Moel is a return to the all-foam know-how of Ligne Roset. It is intended for those who live in a natural and casual way, who wish to create a warm and intimate living space, in which to host their friends. STRUCTURE Rounded structure in ABS (resonal alliance plus elastimer made of resistant plastic) thermoformed parameters, made of 34 kg/m3-35.7 kPa of polyether foam. COMFORT Seat cushion in 32 kg/m3-2.8 kPa of Bultex high resilient polyuretherane foam covered in a 26kg/m3-1.4 kPa layer of Bultex. Seat cover and integrated back cushion made of 26 kg/m3-1.4 kPa of Bultex. The integrated back cushion is also filled with 200 g/m2 of polyester foam. Ottoman is made of 48 kg/m3-5.3 kPa of Bultex. COVER Back and seat covers are compartmentalized and individually filled with 300 g/m2 of Polyether foam, creating a structured effect. The ottoman cover is created in the same manner. The exterior of this model is entirely fixed by a metallic zipper, visible from the front. Cover removable. UPHOLSTERY The interior and exterior are always ordered separately which allows the model to be bi-colored. The ottoman is also bi-colored: Inga Sempe recommends that the sides of the ottoman match the exterior of the sofa or armchair, and that the front/back parts and top of the ottoman match the interior of the sofa or armchair.

Dimension & weight

Height 32 mm

Width 41 mm

Depth 35 mm

Seat height 16 mm

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