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Clean environments

By virtue of 'clean' manufacturing, our furniture and upholstery do not let off gases or create toxic waste in consumer’s homes. We only use products and materials recommended by the FCBA (Forêts, Cellulose, Bois et Ameublement), that comply with all European norms.

Image Environnement

In 2004, we were among the very first in the industry to substitute solvent-based glues with the water-based variety. These 'clean' glues also make it easier to clean equipment and tools, in particular spray guns. And, of course, less product cleaning means less residue and therefore less pollution.

We use vinyl glues which have no impact on the environment and can easily be cleaned off tools and machinery by simply rinsing with water.

We have eliminated CMR* products (particularly solvents), substituting them with products which are just as reliable and more ecological. Each chemical product which enters our factories must be accompanied by a security slip detailing its composition. In addition, we carry out regular evaluations of the chemical constituents used in our production.
* Carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic to the reproductive system of human beings.

These are the only type of products to contain solvents with volatile organic compounds (COV's). After use, they are collected and recycled. Interestingly, 26 gallons of unclean solvents make 18 liters of clean solvents, with the remaining 30 percent being destroyed. We have carried out numerous tests with plans to switch to agro-solvents, but the results were unsatisfactory: the level of toxicity is still too high, and the recycling too complicated. We are currently looking into the possibility of evolving our cleaning solvents in terms of their composition, in close collaboration with our associates in Annemasse.

Our aim is to create zero hazardous waste for a clean, toxic-free environment.
We are proudly certified ISO 50001 since 2017: certificate.