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The Maquis rug is an African evocation which blends the colored patchwork of the maquis fronts or the sub-Saharan wax pagnes with their geometric or symbolic motifs, different tuft lengths depending on the various patchwork elements, and different-colored fringes - fuchsia and green - at its two extremities. We see, too, the stylized silhouette of two bar stools beside a very simple list menu descriptions: YAOURT (yogurt), CAFÉ (coffee), THÉ (tea), which are typical of the maquis restaurants' hand-painted signs.
A little slice of convivial African life for your home...
Hand tufted, sculpted wool rug with 4 different tuft heights. Finished with fringes at both extremities. Available in a single multicolor version. For dimensions, please allow for a tolerance of +/- 3 % in terms of length and width.

Design by

Marta Bakowski

Marta Bakowski Ligne Roset
  • x W 85" x L 113"
  • Including packaging
    33 kg
Price range
  • USD 1,865.00

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