Michael Raasch Ligne Roset

Michael Raasch

Even during his design studies at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach, Michael Raasch was already concentrating on the design of lighting, furniture and accessories. His way of approaching his work was already comprehensive and his creations, such as...
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"Questioning what already exists and designing essential objects which are simply different, which bring new qualitative solutions to everyday life."

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José Maria Reina Ligne Roset

José Maria Reina

José María Reina is a versatile and self-taught designer. He belongs to the generation that promoted Barcelona as city of reference in the industrial design field.

José María Reina gives time a shape. He has been designing clocks since 2001.
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Nick Rennie Ligne Roset

Nick Rennie

In 2001, Australian based designer Nick Rennie created 'happy finish design', where his intent was, and still is, to explore design that takes its inspiration from interaction with everyday items.

To breathe new life in to the repetition of...
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"Design is about simplicity, breaking a concept down to its most basic elements and then rebuilding it."

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Thomas Rodriguez Ligne Roset

Thomas Rodriguez

Born in 1972.
Lives and works in Paris.
A trained plastic artist, ESBA (Tours). Collaborations with Ligne Roset, Monum Hôtel Sully, Manufacture de Sèvres, Galerie Neotu P. Staudenmeyer, C&C italy, La Maison Martin Margiela.
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"Economy of materials, savoir-faire and timelessness."

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Noémie Rognon Ligne Roset

Noémie Rognon

Born in 1987.
Studies :
BTS in product design, Lycée Jacques Duhamel, Dole (39). Mention complémentaire, Models & Prototypes, Lycée Léonard de Vinci, Villefontaine (38). Licence professionnelle éco-design, Faculté Sciences et Techniques,...
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Niels Römer Ligne Roset

Niels Römer

Niels (born 1975 in Berlin, Germany) completed his design studies at the college of fine art in Hamburg, Germany, qualifying as a designer in 2006.
Afterwards he started working on a freelance basis for various design agencies, since 2008 from his own...
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"I basically try to create something special. I don´t want to bore. I want to get to the point in the relevant aspects, and yet the results can look completely different. For an open-minded person, Inspiration can be found everywhere. I am very grateful that I can do the work I love."

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Mona Ronteix Ligne Roset

Mona Ronteix

A graduate of the école Camondo (2016), Mona bases her work on the principle of experimentation. This exploratory work is conducted through graphic design, photography and film.The plasticity of light is the crucial point in her approach to each project. At...
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" Everything can be infringed and called into question, once we begin questioning that which surrounds us, in the spirit of doing things differently in order to do them better."

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Alice Rosignoli Ligne Roset

Alice Rosignoli

Born in Italy in May 1981.
Rosignoli studied industrial design at the University of Architecture, Florence, graduating in November 2005.
In 2006, she collaborated with the styling and technical design department of Ariete SpA.
She moved...
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"Improving daily life with pieces which are at once simple, timeless and poetic."

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