Pieter Maes Ligne Roset

Pieter Maes

Pieter Maes, born in 1979, is a designer who lives in Paris. His work is about the power of pure forms and spaces that transcend time, about the areas of human history that have never been written down and about artefacts that suggest a distant past or a...
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Peter Maly Ligne Roset

Peter Maly

Peter Maly began his career studying interior architecture at the Ecole Supérieure Spécialisée, Detmold, graduating in 1960. However, his debut as a designer did not come about until ten years later. The period between was dedicated to journalism and...
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"I like working with clear, geometric forms : for me, they are the essential condition of their longevity."

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Siw Matzen Ligne Roset

Siw Matzen

1987 - 1989 : école supérieure des arts, graphic design section.

1989 - 1992 : devised publicity for exhibitions at Karstadt.

1992 - 1992 : devised publicity for Karstadt, Mönckebergstrasse.

1992 - 1996 : studied...
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"Architecture and design form a fundamental basis of function. They must be capable of adapting to changing conditions without allowing the quality of design to suffer in any way. This is how a project becomes timeless, long-lasting and economical."

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Metrica Ligne Roset


Fattorini, Rizzini & Partners design contemporary furniture for a number of manufacturers in both Italy and abroad. Founded in 2009, their agency brings together Bruno Fattorini, President and founder of the MDF brand, Robin Rizzini, Design Director, and...
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"Designing a product with a clear positioning and coherent design."

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Bernard Moïse Ligne Roset

Bernard Moïse

After 8 years spent working for a variety of design and interior architectural agencies in Paris, Bernard Moïse founded his own agency in 2000.

Since then, he has applied himself to making design a field of experimentation in real terms for...
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"Over and above technical innovations, it is accuracy of line and analysis of use which bring meaning to the objects one designs."

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Moisés Hernández Design Ligne Roset

Moisés Hernández Design

Moisés is a Mexican born designer based in Mexico City (born 1983). His hometown, being chaotic and over populated, as well as Mexican objects, traditions, textures, social contrast and chromatic diversity are elements influencing Moises’ work.
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"Our everyday objects should be simple, cultural and poetry for our senses.
My inspiration: Chaos in my hometown and how this can be transform into simplicity with the efficient and surprising use of materials."

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Pascal Mourgue Ligne Roset

Pascal Mourgue

Pascal Mourgue is above all else an artist. He graduated from Boulle school (sculpture) and Ensad (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs).

He began designing furniture in 1962, while continuing to be a prolific artist. Never openly...
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"I never design anything I don't like..."

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Ana Moussinet Ligne Roset

Ana Moussinet

Born in Belgrade in 1973, she graduated from the Ecole d’architecture Paris la Villette in the year 2000.
Ana Moussinet has worked in her studio, ANA MOUSSINET INTERIOR DESIGN, since 2012.
Liberated and inspired, Ana Moussinet owes her expertise...
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"Simplifying the details to retain what is essential."

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