Kaschkasch Ligne Roset


Design studio kaschkasch was founded in 2011 by florian kallus and sebastian schneider. the duo works in furniture, lighting design and art direction for several national and international clients.
being a duo, collaboration is a crucial aspect of...
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"We pay a lot attention to the interaction of function and asthetics - We look at art, fashion, building sites and how people move around to get inspired. Smart detailed products with a poetic appearance - that's us". kaschkasch.

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Hiroshi Kawano Ligne Roset

Hiroshi Kawano

Hiroshi Kawano was born in Kanagawa, Japan in 1971.
He studied interior architecture at Tama Art University, Tokyo.
In 2004, he began working as an independent designer.
Since 2006, his works have been exhibited in Stockholm, London,...
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" To continually strive to find solutions which are more aesthetic and more precious."

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C. Khorram & J.B. Ricatte Ligne Roset

C. Khorram & J.B. Ricatte

Camille Khorram and Jean-Baptiste Ricatte met during their studies at the école supérieure des arts décoratifs de Strasbourg, from which they graduated in 2010 and 2011. Since then they have both worked as freelance designers, also collaborating on numerous...
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"Design is a precise balance between use, form and technology."

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Michael Koenig Ligne Roset

Michael Koenig

Michael was born in Aachen in 1971, to a Dutch mother and a German father. He grew up in the part of Germany which borders the Netherlands and Belgium. Michael's grandfathers were skilled craftsmen, so he became acquainted with all kinds of materials at an...
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"Carry on, because stopping constitutes the beginning of the end !"

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Gregor Korolewicz Ligne Roset

Gregor Korolewicz

Born in Poland in 1986, Gregor Korolewicz studied product design at the University of Applied Sciences, Münster, and also strategic innovation in products and services at the University of Wuppertal (Germany).
During his studies, his passion for...
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"What makes me happy is seeing people take pleasure in using my products."

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Andreas Kowalewski Ligne Roset

Andreas Kowalewski

Andreas Kowalewski was born in Berlin in 1976. Since his childhood he has been interested in designing objects. He began drawing at a very early age, then moved on to sculpture, finally discovering a passion for design. After an apprenticeship in...
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"In one way or another I seek to find a delicate balance between an object and its surroundings. The search for an innovative solution which seems easy, which provokes emotions and which conveys excellence in terms of both function and form."

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Barbara Kühne Ligne Roset

Barbara Kühne

The day I left for Vietnam, I had no idea that I was about to begin an entirely new career'

I left the United States at the age of 24, hoping to discover new horizons - and, impressed by the country, I decided to remain in Vietnam.

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"To transform the pure forms of nature, bringing them into the home in a subtle, elegant way."

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