GamFratesi Ligne Roset


In 2006, Danish architect Stine Gam and Italian architect Enrico Fratesi founded their agency GamFratesi in Copenhagen.

Stine Gam was born in Copenhagen in 1975 and studied architecture in Aarhus, Denmark until 2006. During her studies she...
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"Our inspiration is often based around contrasts."

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Alban-Sébastien Gilles Ligne Roset

Alban-Sébastien Gilles

Born on November 20th 1969, Alban-Sebastien's interest was not restricted to design but Art as a whole.
After obtaining a degree in Art and Literature, he continued his education under Jean-Claude Maugirard in the faculty of furniture at the Ecole...
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"My creative approach exemplifies my taste for a simple, identifiable and functional style."

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Elia Gilli Ligne Roset

Elia Gilli

Born in 1960.

1979-1983 : trained as a gold/silversmith

1984-1988 : continued his studies at the Ecole d'Art, Berne.

1990-1994 : studied dance; art studio in Paris.

1994 : opened his own Studio in...
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"Consider, examine, be astonished, search, discover : gain quality of life by concentrating on the essentials."

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Alain Gilles Ligne Roset

Alain Gilles

Design as a second life. After studying Political Sciences and Marketing Management, Alain Gilles went on to work in the financial world. But one has to live his own life. So, thanks to the moral support of his wife, he went back to studying Industrial...
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"Working on what I generally call "Simplexity", simple yet complex designs. Designs that have several layers of understanding. But also on "New Simplicity", that is to say designs that have a strong identity but tend to use a minimum amount of material needed."

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Susana Godinho Ligne Roset

Susana Godinho

Over the last few years I have been developing my textile and fashion career, and I am currently heart and soul in SUGO CORK RUGS, a startup launched in early 2017.
SUGO CORK RUGS® is a brand of innovative hand-woven rugs with a contemporary and...
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Didier Gomez Ligne Roset

Didier Gomez

Didier Gomez began his career as an opera singer before branching out into the world of interior and product design in 1985 with his association with the architect JJ Ory. His expertise is highly acclaimed. Winner of numerous design awards, he has designed...
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"To replace the human being at the centre, in a modernity which shall only be miscegenation."

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Gonçalo Campos Ligne Roset

Gonçalo Campos

Born in 1986.

Gonçalo Campos is a Portuguese product designer who graduated in Lisbon in 2008.

Directly after graduating he was selected for a residency at la Fabrica, Benetton's communications research centre, based in Treviso,...
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“Design lives between imagination and pragmatism. We are free to create and express, keeping in mind the reality of people's lives and expectations of a product.”

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Benjamin Graindorge Ligne Roset

Benjamin Graindorge

Born 10th August 1980

15th March 2006 - obtained diploma from E.N.S.C.I. with special mention for his diploma project.
Diploma project: 'Paysage domestique / Environnement naturant'.
4 contemplative objects,...
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"It's these details which make the difference."

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