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Vaulot&Dyèvre (Quentin Vaulot, born 1983 and Goliath Dyèvre, born 1980), have been working together since 2009. They are both graduates of ENSCI/Les Ateliers. In 2010 they won first prize in the Jardins, jardin competition for a range of garden stakes and second prize in the Adream competition with a collection of pieces using compressed wood. In 2008, in partnership with Veolia Eau, their project Man'o, a portable water fountain, received the Observeur du design 08 seal of approval, followed by a second in 2010 for their project, "les objets programmables".Their first scenography was produced for the St Denis city council and the e-graine association. In 2010 they produced scenography for the Fondation 93 entitled, "Objets Trouvés". After a collaboration with architect Philippe Rahm for the carte blanche du VIA in 2008, they received a project assistance grant from the VIA for Spanlight, a light with a wingspan of 3.50 m. Fantôme, cloches to conceal objects beneath, won second prize in the concours Cinna in 2011 in the small items category. They produced the scenography, "Les objets du Numériques" for the Lieu du Design, where they had exhibited the project "Le Silence Animal", which used ants for the benefit of domestic life. They collaborated with the city council of the 13th arrondissement in Paris on "Insectopia", a range of insect nest boxes. They live and work in Paris.

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