Peter Maly Ligne Roset

Peter Maly

Peter Maly studied interior architecture at the Fachhochschule Detmold, graduating in 1960.

Between 1960 and 1970 he worked as a journalist and interior designer for a German interiors magazine.

He opened his own design and...
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"I like working with clear, geometric forms : for me, they are the essential condition of their longevity."

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Martin Hirth Ligne Roset

Martin Hirth

Martin Hirth was born 1987 in Horb in the Black Forest (Germany) and graduated 2014 from the the University of Art and Design Offenbach in product design. While still studying, he founded his own studio and worked also as assistant of designer Sebastian...
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« A good product has to be charming, but also sustainable and durable – material and visual ways. »

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Marta Bakowski Ligne Roset

Marta Bakowski

Marta Bakowski was born in Paris in 1986.
During the eight years she spent first in London and then Berlin, she developed and cultivated a transversal approach, building on a type of design which evidenced curiosity the creative and manufacturing...
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" I like to approach a problem from the opposite direction. Colour and material are not, for me, finishing steps but the starting point for a project. Without them, the object will have no soul."

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Siw Matzen Ligne Roset

Siw Matzen

1987 - 1989 : école supérieure des arts, graphic design section.

1989 - 1992 : devised publicity for exhibitions at Karstadt.

1992 - 1992 : devised publicity for Karstadt, Mönckebergstrasse.

1992 - 1996 : studied...
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"Architecture and design form a fundamental basis of function. They must be capable of adapting to changing conditions without allowing the quality of design to suffer in any way. This is how a project becomes timeless, long-lasting and economical."

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Melody Sirman Ligne Roset

Melody Sirman

French-Swiss designer Melody Sirman was born in Geneva in 1982.
She studied industrial design at the ENSAV la Cambre (Belgium), and at the ECAL (Switzerland) on an exchange programme.
During her studies she won first place for Belgium and...
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" I imagine that a person will feel something when they use an object which I have designed. Whilst I do wrestle with constraints, I try to retain this sentiment right to the very end."

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Miguel Soeiro Ligne Roset

Miguel Soeiro

Born in 1986.
Miguel is a Lisbon based independent designer who launched his own design activity in 2008.
By focusing on simplicity, Miguel challenges conventional design. Traditional materials are the starting point of each creative process,...
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" Good design is simple and silent. It is purposeful and meaningful. It results from hard work and careful and conscious combinations."

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G. Mino & D. Salvatico Ligne Roset

G. Mino & D. Salvatico

Giancarlo Mino, born in Locarno, Switzerland in 1982 to a Mexican mother and an Italian father, graduated from the ECAL (Ecole Cantonale d'Art à Lausanne, Switzerland) in 1995, where he had studied industrial and product design. This four-year experience...
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"Destabilizing our perceptions without losing sight of the very real need for effectiveness."

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Piotr Mochniej Ligne Roset

Piotr Mochniej

Born in Poland in 1953, in times of deep, gloomy socialism.
The graduate of several upper schools where the only acceptable design was the one based on the ideas of le Corbusier, where the only material to work on was a simple panel of fibreboard.
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"Design is like poetry. Many have heard of it, but very few understand it. Often, the entire concept can be embodied in a simple plank of walnut."

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