Gino Carollo Ligne Roset

Gino Carollo

Born in Vicenza in 1965, began working in the field of industrial design in 1990, also fulfilling the role of artistic director for prestigious furniture brands both in Italy and abroad.
In addition, at the request of Assarredo, he took on the...
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"Design is passion, passion liberates the soul."

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Chape&Mache Ligne Roset


Chape&Mache is the creative partnership of Aurélie Chapelle (born 1986) and David Machado (born 1984). Having graduated with honours from the école supérieure des beaux arts d'Angers in 2011, their collaboration really began in 2013, under the name...
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« Drawing inspiration from everyday life for design which bears the imprint of multiple scenarios. »

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Pierre Charpin Ligne Roset

Pierre Charpin

Born in 1962. A trained plastic artist, Pierre Charpin has dedicated most of his time to the design of furniture and objects since the beginning of the 1990's.
Since then his work as been just as likely to veer towards experimental projects on which...
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"To render existence richer and more responsive. Design must be a means of achieving this, rather than an end."

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Amandine Chhor & Aïssa Logerot Ligne Roset

Amandine Chhor & Aïssa Logerot

Diplômés de l'ENSCI-Les Ateliers, Amandine Chhor et Aïssa Logerot ont commencé leur propre carrière en travaillant respectivement cinq années pour des agences d'architecture et de design, et des entreprises comme Hermès. De 2009 à 2012, ils collaborent...
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« Nous sommes complémentaires dans notre travail. Nous partageons la même vision du design et nous sommes passionnés par les matériaux, l'artisanat et les procédés industriels de fabrication. A travers nos différentes collaborations, nous essayons de concevoir des objets qui tendent à une justesse entre fonction, forme et technique, des objets qui tiennent compte des problématiques contemporaines et font rimer durabilité et usage quotidien. »

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Gabriela Chicherio Ligne Roset

Gabriela Chicherio

The projects of Gabriela Chicherio (born 1980), who graduated from the ECAL, Lausanne in 2004, are always considered from a functional perspective whilst incorporating beauty of form and 'that little extra' to make them unforgettable.
In 2004, Ligne...
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"Chaotic order, dark corners illuminated, artificial nature, ordinary presciosities, I love to plunge myself into contradictions !"

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