Philosophy Ligne Roset


For us, sustainable development begins with the pleasure we derive from working in such a remarkable location such as Briord, France.
Eco-design Ligne Roset


Eco-design aims to introduce strict environmental criteria to the design of a product when it is first created.
Recycling Ligne Roset


Since the 1970's, the leaders of the family business have been aware of environmental issues, and thus installed waste separation and recovery systems in every factory

Clean Environments

By virtue of 'clean' manufacturing, our furniture and upholstery do not let off gases or create toxic waste in consumer’s homes. We only use products and materials recommended by the FCBA (Forêts, Cellulose, Bois et Ameublement), that comply with all European norms.

Air protection

Ligne Roset takes air pollution, and the pursuit of clean air, very seriously.

For the past 10 years we have been using UV acrylic varnishes that are hardened using UV lights (which results in no release of by-products). Unlike most other furniture manufacturers, our varnishes require no solvents.


Some of our suppliers have achieved awards for their commitment to environmental issues. We also try to ensure that we source the most environmentally sound product and materials suppliers.

Welfare of employees

Our production is almost entirely based in France—with our employees therefore under our direct management—which ensures we can maintain the highest levels of welfare for our staff.

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