Black & Blue fits into two intersecting trends: clever multifunctional furniture and 'mix & match'.
Multifunctional furniture, since Black & Blue may be used in a variety of ways: a low table, with the kind of unusual proportions which are very popular these days with a range of levels of storage for magazines, remote controls, tablets, bits and pieces… A TV unit: a light flat-screen TV could easily be housed on the upper surface, with satellite decoders and other peripherals on the two lower surfaces. Low shelving: when placed against a wall, Black & Blue becomes a small, airy piece of furniture with 3 levels of storage.
In a 'mix & match' spirit, the black lacquered steel structure supports 3 shelves in blue-tinted clear glass, in a light and joyous association of materials and colours.
Structure and base in black lacquered tubular steel, with gliders. Three staggered shelves in 8 mm thick blue mass-tinted toughened glass (upper top 123 cm; intermediate and lower tops 80 cm). The distance between each top is 13 cm. The distance between the metal uprights is 49 cm.

  • H 380 mm x W 1370 mm x D 320 mm
  • Including packaging
    25 kg

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